Welcome to Restaurant Tio Mario's- the brother's kitchen

Tio Mario's is a restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen Ø. Since 2013, we have served pizza and Italian food to thousands of happy guests. Focusing on quality and good ingredients has been the way forward, and our menu consists only of homemade Italian dishes. The restaurant is located at Amerika Plads in Copenhagen Ø, where several regulars have come over the years. Book a table online or order food for pickup i restauranten.

We look forward to welcoming you at Tio Mario’s.

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Our wine

Our wine list consists of specially selected wines that perfectly complement the food on the menu. With wine, one often has some favorites - either from the country, the grape, or the producer. Most important for us, however, is that it matches the food we serve. Are you more into pizza or pasta?
We have created a wine list that matches our dishes and best elevates your overall experience at Tio Mario’s

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A cozy experience with great Italian food

We master the Italian cuisine and value good food and great experiences, at fair prices. We cook with personality and passion with love for the ingredients, and we are passionate about our profession and know our craft. Are you more into a good pizza or an Italian pasta bolognese? Come in and enjoy good food or wine, in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Our menu

Our menu is full of personality and features among other things our popular pizza and pasta dishes for both children and adults. The menu is also filled with good food and snacks for the small appetite. Explore our menu – we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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Experience the true Italian atmosphere in the heart of Copenhagen

Tio Mario's, a prominent restaurant in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, invites you to an unforgettable Italian experience. Known for its authenticity and charm, Tio Mario's has been a favorite spot for those seeking authentic Italian food culture in Copenhagen since 2013. It combines passion for Italian cuisine with an inviting atmosphere, perfect for all occasions.

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Enjoy an unforgettable pizza experience in the heart of Copenhagen

Tio Mario's is not just a restaurant in Copenhagen; it's a pizzeria in Copenhagen where every pizza is a masterpiece. The combination of traditional methods and fresh ingredients makes pizza in Copenhagen a unique experience at Tio Mario's. From the classic Margherita to new creations, every bite is a testament to why Tio Mario's is considered one of the best places for pizza in Nordhavn and Copenhagen in general.

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Create lasting memories at Tio Mario's

Som en førende pizza restaurant i København, sætter Tio Mario’s standarden for kulinarisk oplevelse. Men Tio Mario’s er mere end bare en pizzeria i København; det er et sted, hvor minder skabes. Med sit engagerede team, der vægter kvalitet og service højt, er hver besøg hos Tio Mario’s en garanti for en mindeværdig oplevelse. Uanset om du vælger at nyde maden i vores hyggelige lokaler eller bestiller mad ud af huset, lover vi en smagsoplevelse, der sætter standarden for en italiensk restaurant i København, mere præcist en italiensk restaurant på Østerbro.

Restaurant Tio Mario's, located in the vibrant Copenhagen neighborhood of Amerika Plads, is a true gastronomic highlight for anyone looking for real pizza in Copenhagen. With its combination of traditional Italian flavors, first-class service and a welcoming atmosphere, Tio Mario's stands as a mainstay in the Copenhagen restaurant landscape. We invite you to share our passion for Italian food and become a part of our history. Visit Tio Mario's for an experience that transcends the ordinary and defines what a Copenhagen restaurant can offer.

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