Sparkeling wines

Prosecco · Ruffino

Delicious extra dry prosecco from the fields around the town of conegliano. This prosecco is a cask-dried spumante, which in this dry style is bubbly fresh, a small whirring of fullness. Fine fresh fruit and it gives a good aftertaste.

65,- / glass258,- / bottle
Cava Bodegas Pequenos (organic)

Cava is made on the traditional champagne method with long a bottle storing. It has a bright straw yellow color with green shadows. The taste is dry, clean and well balanced with nuances of ripe lime, apple and pears. The good structure gives a bubbly and soft creamy finish.

299,- / bottle

White wine

Luigi Leonardo (House wine)

The color is light straw yellow, and the smell is intense and persistent.
It has a surprising fullness of yellow fruit. Very well balanced wine with intense good aftertaste.

65,- / glass239,- / bottle
J. de Villebois Sauvignon Blanc

Easily drinkable Sauvignon Blanc. Extremely crisp with many shades of tropical fruits, gooseberries and green bell pepper. A piquant aftertaste that pokes a little on the tongue, and gives a touch of sweet lime.

275,- / bottle
Les Argelieres Chardonnay

This ripe and tropical fruit-laden Chardonnay shows how well the noble Chardonnay grape can blend and fuse with toasty oak, from grapes grown on cooler hill sites and with a yield that is limited so as to express the buttery, golden apple and creamy characters that this grape is known for.

349,- / bottle
De Stefani Pinot Grigio

The wine has a light yellow color with a complex scent of ripe fruits, honey, spices and a smoky hue with a touch of oak. The taste is well balanced, harmonious and elegant.

388,- / bottle

Rose wine

Chateau Babebelle

Nice intensity wrapped in ripe fruit and a dry finish. A refreshing acid balances the filling, so that the overall experience is seamless. It is obvious to enjoy Château Barbebelle as an aperitif or in the glass.

299,- / bottle
Vignerons Catalans rosevin (organic)

This Rosé is made with the Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Strawberries, licorice and caramel characterize the smell. The taste presents itself with shades of strawberries, raspberries and a slightly spicy tone.

65,- / glass249,- / bottle

Red wine

Luigi Leonardo Sangiovese (House wine)

Intense red color with bright edges. Full-bodied and intense bouquet of fruit and forest floor, as well as shades of red berries and mineral tones. With a Good aftertaste.

65,- / glass238,- / bottle
Tantore d’Oro Primitivo

Dark and intense wine, with slightly powerful spice and a small whine of residual sweetness from the sun-ripe grapes. Lovely touch of blackberries, licorice, full-bodied tannins and a little sweet in the finish, which makes it suitable for spicy dishes.

75,- / glass349,- / bottle
Campo Alto Joven Rioja

Powerful and intense wine made 100% with the tempranillo grape. Aged for 12 months on French oak barrels and 6 months in the bottle. It has a complex fruit and berry scent. The taste is well structured, harmonious and full-bodied, with small touches of vanilla and a sweet aftertaste of tobacco.

389,- / bottle
Valipolicella Ripasso

It is deliciously intense in the scent, with lovely classic touches of cherries, plums and jam. The taste is rich with several shades of vanilla, sweet licorice, hot spices and well-rounded tannins. There rests a lovely balance and harmony in the long aftertaste.

399,- / bottle
Les Peyrautins Pinot Noir

A pinot noir interpretation with a healthy core of sweet strawberries, raspberries as well as a little mullet berries. The structure of the wine is seamless and the gentle fruit makes it an easy drinkable wine.

419,- / bottle
Cantena Alamos Malbec

A tasteful wine that expresses the unique taste, aromas and texture of the Malbec grape in the most beautiful wine. Alamos Malbec offers a generous flavor with layers of black ripe fruits mixed with notes of sweet spices. The aftertaste is long and persistent with juicy, soft tannins.

419,- / bottle
Barbera d’Alba

Has a nice deep red color with small shiny purple shades. The scent is filled with rich shades of plums, prunes and blackberries, rounded with a small floral touch. The taste adds spices and round light tannins. In the long aftertaste, there is a small touch of rich fruit sweetness.

449,- / bottle
Barolo Piemonte

Classic well-structured Barolo, which offers all the juice and power that the Nebbiolo grape has to offer. A classic aroma of truffles and tobacco accompanies full-bodied tannins and stunning touches of red ripe berries, violets and roses. Well-seasoned aftertaste that hangs long.

675,- / bottle

Made from the very hardy and robust grape Nebbiolo. A very tannin-rich wine with a high acidity. Wonderful classic shades of Violets, roses, tar, spices and full-bodied berries. Long and pendant aftertaste, with the lightly saved softness of grape.

749,- / bottle